Our molds are built at our facilities both here and abroad. Our tool making philosophy is that we build tools only for Enplas subsidiaries. The guaranteed life of our molds range from 300,000 shots to 2,000,000 shots, depending on part specifications and material. We construct our molds from only the highest grade tool steels. Examples of normal materials used would be D2 (Quench and Temper Steel) and P21 group (Pre-Hardened Steel) sourced form suppliers such as Uddeholm and Daido Steel.

Enplas and our customers agree that to make the best parts you must use the best materials and employ the latest technologies. We want to be your "First, Only" choice for precision and quality.

Enplas can build a tool anywhere between one week (for a Prototype) and 16 weeks. Enplas tools are built with customer focus in mind and are built to the ISO 9001 Quality Standard. Gear tools can meet AGMA 10+ standards, and are capable of maintaining a Ppk (Process Performance Index) of 3.0 and a Cpk (Process Capability Index) of 1.5 throughout the tool life. All tools undergo a rigorous inspection and qualification process before being released to production. A focus on critical-to-function and critical-to-assembly dimensions is kept throughout the entire tool design and development phase.

Enplas makes extensive use of the latest computer technology during the development of our tools. Our design engineers use the latest CAD/CAM/CAE software such as AUTOCAD and IDEAS, and over 80% of our tool-cutting machines are interface with CAM.

Enplas has machines that are capable of producing nano-meter precision surfaces on our inserts. Most of the molds operate in the range of 0.05mm (.002 in.) precision, with some precision levels of 0.01mm (.0004 in.).

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Enplas sets the standard for engineering support, material selection, manufacturing, and quality.
Enplas specializes in high- precision products in the automotive, electronics, office automation, and optical device industries.
Enplas can be your key partner and global resource for high precision engineering and plastic parts.

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