Enplas(USA) believes in operating at the forefront of injection molding technologies and systems. To that end, Enplas manufactures using electric, hydraulic, and hybrid Injection molding machines, ranging in size from 25 tons to 180 tons (metric), operating 24 hours per day - 7 days per week. Every one of our 50 molding machines' operating parameters is set for control within 1% of nominal values to ensure repeatability and consistent quality throughout a production run. Enplas' molding equipment has an average age of 5.2 years, with no machine over 10 years old.

We employ the Mattec production control system to monitor real time performance of all machines. This system is remotely accessible anywhere in our facility, giving Enplas the ability to respond to production changes at a moments notice. Our Molding operations and total facility adhere to ISO9002, QS9000 & ISO14001 standards.

Robotic Automation

In order to maximize the value added into the product and minimize the human intervention, Enplas utilizes robotic automation on all machines. Types of automation range from sprue pickers to multi-axis robots to conveyor packaging systems. We internally design and develop all automation systems and processes used at our facility. This allows us to physically handle parts a maximum of 2 times.  

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Enplas sets the standard for engineering support, material selection, manufacturing, and quality.
Enplas specializes in high- precision products in the automotive, electronics, office automation, optical device, and other  industries.
Enplas can be your key partner and global resource for high precision engineering and plastic parts.

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